Take a Look at What's Possible When You're an e-Patient: Courtesy of Maarten, aka "Dutchcowboy"

This is what it's like to be an e-patient, uncut.

Click here to see the latest in Maarten's "Patient 2.0 Journey," including a video interview.

Maarten also shares scans showing Theo (his tumor) has shrunk 50% after the second round of chemo (Yeehaw and giddyup little doggy!), and in we find Mr. Maarten and family also has a snazzy new lime green swimming pool.

Maarten, one question - when's the e-patient pool party? :) Do you have to be bald to get in? (I'm not beyond it, but don't think it would be as flattering a look for me...best of luck with going in for your next round!

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