Reasons to Celebrate - Personal and Professional

1. The Personal: After 3 days of slow labor, my sister is, even at this moment, working to bring my baby niece into the air-breathing sector. After hours in the Birth Center waiting room at Carilion New River Valley Center, we're all a bit loopy, but this is the first baby of our generation, so forgive the emotional mushiness. Hurry up, Ellen! We're waiting. Mom will tell you I'm not the patient type...

2. The Professional: At AHIP last night - the biggest Health 2.0 move to date. American Well partners with Microsoft (in a "strategic collaboration") and takes on the entire state of Hawaii. Congrats to all involved for carrying us closer to consumer-centric care. The challenges are huge, but I can't think of another team that could tackle the task with such confidence, panache, and an actual chance at success.

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