Whether You Like it or Not, We're Already a Consumer-Centric System

According to this article in The McKinsey Quarterly, titled "A Better Hospital Experience:"

  • Remember K.I.S.S.: We want hospitals that talk to us like we're more than bodies for cutting and keep us up to date on treatments, wait times, etc.
  • As an industry, we've got bigger problems than arguing over whether concierge care is a passing fad or the next hospital best practice - few hospitals have "the marketing skills, the organizational structure, or the operating approach needed to deliver a distinctive experience in the way that retailing and hospitality companies do." Start looking at which hotel/hospitality chain hire you want to recruit for your next VP opening. And why they would want to come to your hospital.
  • The biggest "duh" finding: "Hospitals can segment customer groups in the same way that marketers segment them in retailing." Gee, really? And don't forget to segment w/in service line structures as well. There are multiple 'archetypes' among 'cardiac' patients...how are you appealing to your top 2-5?
  • And finally, whose job is it anyway? Hospital C-levels can't forget it's our calling to germinate a cultural and operational model that grows and nurtures a "distinctive patient experience."

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