"Another Contender Emerges: Posterous Takes On TwitPic With New API"

Much love to the Posterous team (w00t Garry and Sachin!) for this TechCrunch article.

Those of you in healthcare following me on Twitter (@jenmccabegorman, @polarwisdom) know I'm completely infatuated with the platform, which lets me post content via email and autopublish to Twitter, Facebook, my 'old school blog' Health Management Rx (via Blogger) and even Flickr.

With the pic API Posterous is making another dream come true. I love Posterous because it lets me extend multiple 'tentacles' of communication without any extra time or effort.

My sites, my content, should be extensions of my online 'self,' and this is exactly what Posterous enables - one me (or one 'meme') indivisible under www.

At Kaiser's Garfield Innovation Center in Oakland, CA Thursday (via an invite for Tech 'Speed Dating' Day from Mike Kirkwood, @mikekirwood, Polka.com), we were asked to share our favorite innovation.

Some folks mentioned fitness activities, like Pilates, running, and the treadmill (albeit as an excellent clothes hanger).

Some folks mentioned relaxation tools like the hills of New Zealand (!), red wine, and chocolate.

Four folks mentioned Blackberries, while two mentioned iPhones.

My answer? Communication, enabled by Twitter and Posterous.

Innovate away guys. Thanks for keeping it real. And simple.

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